Downeast Cider House
256 Marginal St, Bldg 32
Boston, MA 02128
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Our Digits:

general: or (857) 301-8881
sales: or (617) 684-5341
donations: maybe we can help.

straight to the top: (207) 200-7332. please note that this phone number goes directly to ross, matt and tyler’s cell phones. this is for emergencies,* please respect that. when calling late weekend nights and early weekend mornings, results – and cognitive functions – may vary.

*good use of 207 number: “i’m on a tour and the guide is wielding several fire arms while preaching communist propaganda.”

bad use of 207 number: “fellas, have i got a deal for you!” we respect sales, but this number is not your lead. if you are lazy and choose to make this your lead, please understand that work can be stressful and we thank you for volunteering to be a verbal assault stress ball.


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