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warehouse/forklift operator
Do you enjoy lifting things up and putting them down?

When not actively lifting things up and putting them down, you will be thinking about where, when, and how to lift things up and put them down. You should lift things up and put them down safely. You should have experience with equipment and systems commonly used to lift things up and put them down such as forklifts, reach trucks, pallet jacks, inventory management software, etc.

Most people make the common mistake of thinking the lifting things up is the most important part of the job. It is actually putting them down again that takes the most skill. The right person for the job will know this.

If you think you are the best at picking things up and putting them down, please email a resume and cover letter stating the heaviest object you have picked up and put down to


it takes a lot of work to keep the cidery going like a well-oiled machine.  we are looking to add to our team. specifically someone with stainless steel welding experience. email

packaging operator

robots have not taken over the world contrary to all the media reports. it still takes real live people like you and me to put cider into cans and we’ll keep doing it that way until it’s robots drinking the cider instead of people.

experience is not required but it is a plus.  tell us what you’ve got in a cover letter and resume to




nada– at the moment.  keep checking, though!

don’t fill out the form below. we’re taking a hiatus from it. we won’t read it. we won’t respond.

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