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operations manager
do the following mean anything to you? HACCP, SQF, OSHA, FDA, TTB, ERP. if so, and you have a strong background with previous operations management experience in a manufacturing environment then you should email

warehouse manager
Downeast Cider is in need of a manager to lift things up and put them down.

When not actively lifting things up and putting them down, you will be thinking about where, when, and how to lift things up and put them down. You should lift things up and put them down safely. You should be able to train others to lift things up and put them down safely. You should have experience with equipment and systems commonly used to lift things up and put them down such as forklifts, reach trucks, pallet jacks, inventory management software, etc.

Most people make the common mistake of thinking the lifting things up is the most important part of the job. It is actually putting them down again that takes the most skill. The right person for the job will know this.

If you think you are the best at picking things up and putting them down, please email a resume and cover letter stating the heaviest object you have picked up and put down to

production coordinator

the role

we’re looking for a production coordinator to join our operations team. your work will directly impact some of our biggest production decisions–which cider do we need to make, how much do we need, and when do we need it?

you’ll work under the supervision of our coo and operations manager and will be responsible for:

  • collaborating with the production, packaging, and warehouse teams to streamline our process from cider in the door to cider out the door
  • constant communication with our team of wholesalers to build accurate orders and schedule timely shipments
  • daily contact with sales team to update orders based on sales team needs and rates of sales of downeast products
  • maintaining inventory of raw materials, finished product, and order shipments
  • researching raw materials when new or improved suppliers are needed
  • refining operational processes and finding solutions to scheduling differences

our ideal candidate

  • loves logistics
  • probably likes puzzles
  • is extremely organized (e.g. people have been known to comment on how organized you are, you know where everything is in your bedroom and kitchen…)
  • is a critical thinker who adapts to any new challenge
  • appreciates operational efficiency — and likes creating systems to improve it
  • is always on time
  • is excellent at coordinating, planning and scheduling
  • has strong experience with Excel or Google Sheets (seriously, we’ll quiz you)
  • is fun to work with

a background in operations or finance is recommended. prior industry experience is a plus but not a necessity.

this job is challenging, tiring, fun, and likely the coolest opportunity you will read about on your quest for a job in logistics, coordination, or project management.

to apply
into it? send over your resume *and cover letter*(personality encouraged). you can address it to

it takes a lot of work to keep the cidery going like a well-oiled machine.  we are looking to add to our team. specifically someone with stainless steel welding experience. email


brand manager
hi, i’m ross. i’m a founder of downeast cider house and helped create the downeast cider brand over the past 5 years. i’m looking for someone to take the baton so i can grow the company in other ways. in the most broad sense your responsibility is to work with me and the marketing team to maintain and improve the identity of downeast cider house through the following mediums we currently operate within:

  • ciders!
    • first and foremost, we’re a hard cider company. we need to have a thoughtful, concise, and relevant portfolio of delicious ciders! everything else is of secondary importance. it’s very easy to forget this.
  • point of sale
    • packaging
    • displays
    • signage, glassware, wearables, etc
  • media
    • social (currently IG is focus, followed by FB, twitter, snapchat)
    • limited traditional/PR (leverage rare occurrence of creative content or big news)
  • tastings (events)
    • we have an events manager who has a team of brand ambassadors throughout our distribution territory.
    • simple aim here: maintain well-trained, knowledgeable, on-brand ambassadors to efficiently (financial and logistical) sample products via brewfests, store tastings, sponsorships, etc.
  • website
  • content creation
    • large content projects are rare…more often a slew of smaller copywriting and illustration projects
    • working with our team of contractor designers/artists.
  • tap room
    • tap room mgr max manages day-to-day
    • you oversee these operations to ensure the tap room achieves primary objective: immersive brand experience that provides brand education with over-the-top customer service.

who should apply? our ideal candidate has:

  • a strong education
    • strong performance at top tier college/university
    • extraordinary performance (honors) in college/university
  • relevant experience
    • marketing agencies, start-up environments, and established brands are all great stomping grounds for experience.
    • there’s nothing wrong with young and green – that’s how we started this thing! – but you better have something special to show us other than a degree proving you were able to be a functioning alcoholic for 4 years.
  • creative ability
    • we value other traits higher – and do have some independant artists on call – but we don’t currently work with any agencies and rely on a base level of internal creative and copywriting.
  • flexible
    • we’re still a young company. one day’s priority can be the next day’s garbage. opportunities blindside us, disappear overnight, and come back again. if you prefer to operate within a tight and consistent set of objectives with clear goals and expectations of results, you will find this job hectic, stressful, and unfulfilling. the only thing you can expect is to be punched directly in the testicles/ovaries once or twice a month with the unexpected.

contact to apply with letter and resume. my apologies in advance if you get the canned “thanks but no thanks” response. we’ll have hundreds of applications and no hiring manager! if it makes you feel better, give me your worst…i’m an excellent at taking a punch.


nada– at the moment.  keep checking, though!

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