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we take our support of social causes and charities seriously. we typically work with organizations to encourage youth entrepreneurship, support charlestown/east boston neighborhood charities, and encourage active lifestyles.

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we pay our employees so you don’t have to. keep your tip money and buy your mom some flowers. if you really have money burning a hole in your pocket, we’ll donate it to a local cause, carefully chosen by downeasters.

each month, new charities are selected. february tap room tips will be donated to…
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

The Claudia Adams Barr Program in Innovative Basic Cancer Research was established in 1987 by Dana-Farber Trustees Delores Barr Weaver and her husband, Wayne, in memory of Delores’ mother. The Barr Program propels completely new lines of research, and it plays a pivotal role in the development of early-career scientists who work on a broad range of research investigations in order to yield new clues about cancer. It is also critical for conducting basic research, which is not eligible for federal fundraising until well along in proof of principle. The program enables leading-edge, highly-innovative research up to the point that it may be possible to attract government or private support, allowing Barr Investigators to bring promising studies forward and make major scientific breakthroughs.


Now in its 28th season, DFMC’s annual roster has blossomed to include hundreds of dedicated athletes who share the Weavers’ vision of a world without cancer. Setting their sights equally high, DFMC runners embark on their own Boston Marathon journey to raise millions of dollars as a team in honor and in memory of their loved ones.  One hundred percent of the funds raised by DFMC team members support Barr Program research initiatives. To date, DFMC has raised more than $80 million, and more than 200 innovative scientific investigations have received critical funding. In 2017, the team aims to celebrate its 28th year by raising $5 million.


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