Our Crew


You have three sentences to tell your story. Go:
Raised in the back woods of Maine, moved to the big city to go to college, and then found out the city is way more interesting than sitting in lecture halls. Landed a job in a bike shop and settled in to the city life. A few years later, a homebrewing kit showed up under my Christmas tree and the next thing I knew I was here.

What’s your favorite non-cider activity in the cider house?
Arguing over what’s on the stereo. And then playing air guitar.

If you are fired tomorrow, what will you be doing next week?
Trying to set the record for doing all of the Iron Butt challenges in the least time.

What alcoholic beverage is most frightening to you?
151 or Everclear.

If you could bring one person onto the Downeast team who would it be and why?
Quark from Deep Space Nine. I’m sure his experience in interstellar commerce would bring a great angle to sales, and his expertise in drinks and delicacies from across the galaxy would definitely bring some unique flavors into our offerings.