Our Crew


You have three sentences to tell your story. Go:
I played basketball yesterday. I have to pee right now. I love my mom.

What’s your favorite non-cider activity in the cider house?
Connecting two empty cans together with a long string, holding one up to my ear and attaching the other to Morty’s collar to communicate with him in our secret way.

If you are fired tomorrow, what will you be doing next week?
Well, I’d probably just apply to another local sales job. But this prompt seemed to connote some sort of fantastical element, so I’ll go with a trip across Europe. I’d take a full year to hit all the major cities, explore some hidden gems, discover new cultures, eat, drink, ski, hike, bike, find myself, blah blah blah. Again, I would not do this. I’d just get a different job. But the Europe trip thing sounds fun.

What alcoholic beverage is most frightening to you?
Teq***a. (I can’t even type out the full word. I hate it. I hate it so much.)

If you could bring one person onto the Downeast team who would it be and why?
My friend Griff. He’s a good guy.