Our Crew


You have three sentences to tell your story. Go:
I was always interested in science so I studied microbiology and chemistry in college. Needing to declare a major I picked food science because I like food and realized people need to eat so I should always have a job.

What’s your favorite non-cider activity in the cider house?
Haven’t really been there long enough to say but I love meeting new people and so far the people that I have met are pretty cool.

If you are fired tomorrow, what will you be doing next week?
Strap my guitar across my back, hop on my bike and head off into the sunset or fly down to my place in Costa Rica and resume my existence as a beach bum.

What alcoholic beverage is most frightening to you?
Superman has Kryptonite, I have Tequila, nuff said.

If you could bring one person onto the Downeast team who would it be and why?
Wow thats a tough one, several people come to mind!. Probably my friend Gerardo, he and I have teamed up before and successfully assisted small start up’s to grow and prosper.