Our Crew


You have three sentences to tell your story. Go:
Before Downeast, I was working as a janitor at a prestigious school where I would finish other people’s fermentations when no one was looking. My best friend is Ben Affleck. I love traveling, wine, music, and being outdoors.

What’s your favorite non-cider activity in the cider house?
Dancing the “What a Feeling” routine from Flashdance down the fermentor alley when no one is looking.

If you are fired tomorrow, what will you be doing next week?
I will run to the closest vineyard and start a traveling band. I will make wine and play glorious music and no one from Downeast will be invited.

What alcoholic beverage is most frightening to you?
I would probably say a wine aged over twenty years. After tackling the cork removal without it disintegrating into the bottle, you walk the tightrope: a mouth full of liquid gold or, if not stored properly, vinegar.

If you could bring one person onto the Downeast team who would it be and why?
Gordon Ramsay would be a great addition to Downeast. Besides being an unbelievable chef and leader, Gordon would motivate others to be a better version of themselves (or at least teach everyone to make a proper English breakfast). I also think he would eventually say “Hey James, let’s hang out!” and then we would become friends. Like, really good friends.