Our Crew

Joe T

You have three sentences to tell your story. Go:
Born in Minnesota, I migrated to Colorado as soon as I could afford it,
jumped to Singapore for a while, and now am happily grounded in Boston.
After working almost every odd job an able bodied person can (Manny to
Carpenter), I discovered the wonders of the craft beverage world and have
never looked back. I have a 5 year goal to run an ultra marathon.

What’s your favorite non-cider activity in the cider house?
I enjoy recycling cans because A.) Cider should be packaged in cans, and
B.) Save The Planet!

If you are fired tomorrow, what will you be doing next week?
I will be through-hiking the Appalachian Trail.

What alcoholic beverage is most frightening to you?
UV Cake.

If you could bring one person onto the Downeast team who would it be and why?
Paul Simon. He could serenade us during growler hours and lead campfire
songs in the wilderness.