“I don’t have the time…”


…is a steaming pile of bs.

a few years ago, i was reading over some emails and i noticed that we were responding to donation requests that we were turning down: “…sorry, but we aren’t able to help you this year…” and i thought that was lame of us. we were able to donate, we weren’t out of money, we were just being selective on what donations we were making, and a few didn’t make the cut. the correct answer was, “…we will not help you this year…” it sounds a little crueler, but it’s also more honest. i made it a point to change our language with these responses.

i feel the same way when someone tells me (or i tell someone) “i don’t have the time” …it’s a cop-out. everyone has the exact same amount of time. barack obama has the same amount of time as the chump in their mom’s basement:* 24 hours/day. the only variable is how we use our time.

so what we really mean when we say “i just don’t have the time” is “i choose not to spend my time on that”. obviously there are some instances where we truly do not have the time, but most of the time, we’re trying to cover a choice with a white lie.

– ross

*i think technically, due to space-time relativity, people at higher altitudes have less time than those at lower altitudes (and people in the ISS)…but that’s microscopic and pointless semantics.

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