lower case letters


earlier today we posted that anyone who finds a grammatical mistake on our website would get a free growler deposit.

and in came an avalanche of complaints about our use of capitalization…or lack thereof.

it’s a very simple explanation. i, ross brockman, don’t like the use of mixed upper and lower case letters. all lower is fine. all upper is a little intense, but fine. mixed: sucks. does that make me an insane person? sure. But I’d rather be insane than have stuff looking like this…hurt just to write that.

that’s all.

ps – there are no words to describe the skiing in park city right now. well, there probably are, like a description of the many feet of snow that we’re getting or some description of what it’s like to ski lift-access untracked, waist deep powder from first chair to last…but i’m too tired because i’ve been skiing many feet of lift-access untracked, waist deep powder from first chair to last.


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  1. Skip Stone says:

    So ross, there is an issue with mixed case. Far enough… but when reading text An upper case letter can indicate a new thought. But that is not why I am here. I am here to talk about the promo primo rolling papers that were handed out in bars in Portland Maine. How can I get more? If supplied with a large quantity I could easily distribute them through out the old port in Portland. Those are the best papers I have ever had the pleasure to wrap around any manner of smoke-able plant material. I would really like to get my hands on some more of those.

    Thank for your consideration.

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