david price story


given the good news about david price today, i figured i’d share my golf story. a few years ago i was playing a round at granite links in quincy. i was walking the course on a saturday and as is prone to happen, it got a little jammed up. being alone, i was butting up to the twosome in front of me around the 6th hole. they asked if i wanted to jump in, i said sure.

i immediately noticed that they had a “legit” golf feel. now, i’m a decent golfer, 3 handicap at my best, but i didn’t start playing until i was 19, so i’m not super knowledgable. but i could tell something was legit. they both looked athletic and had really nice looking nike equipment…shoes, clothes, gloves, hats, clubs…everything was brand new.

as we’re teeing off, i’m expecting a couple of scratch golfers. both were athletic and long, but neither striped it down the middle. odd. they were riding a cart and asked if i wanted to hop on the back of the cart. sure, i said.

as we’re driving, i noticed one of them had a baseball head cover. the other had a vanderbilt head cover and a bunch of other vandy stuff in the bag (and some sweet jordan’s). i started putting 2 and 2 together. they introduced themselves as cesar and david. david was really tall and skinny. nice nike gear. baseball head cover…was this guy cy young winner david price? i thought he went to vandy, but this guy was a twig…he’s a professional athlete?

when i got off the cart, i had to ask. “so…are you guys baseball players?”



the second guy was cesar chavez, another pitcher on the rays. i asked them a few questions after that, but i didn’t want to bug them while they were golfing, so i eventually dropped it. i’m sure they get enough of that as is. the 2 interesting things that came up were 1. they wanted to play the country club in brookline, but were denied. and 2. they have a golf concierge on the team. when they travel, they tell the concierge where and when they want to play and everything gets set up, clubs delivered, all they have to do is show up. as a starting pitcher, you’re pitching or throwing a bullpen sessions about 20% of days…the other 80% they’re free to golf. not a bad way perk of the job, aside from the 9 figure contracts of course.

a note about david’s golf game, it was clear that if he played a lot, he would have been really, really good. i’ve never played with a longer hitter…he was like, dali lama long. we were playing from the tips, and on a long par 3 – about 205 yards to the pin – david was on the tee. if you’ve ever played granite links, you know how windy it gets. it was blowing hard directly in our face. i was holding my 3 wood. cesar leaned in and was like, “check this out, david can fucking crush it.” david took a smooth swing and i watched as the ball flew the green and landed in a bunker about 10 yards off the back. i asked david what stick he was using and he showed me his 6. he flew a 6 iron 230 yards into a stiff wind! that’s insane. for those that don’t golf, an average pro hits a 6 185, i hit it like 165. (fwiw, i hit my 3 wood pure and came up short)

anyway, i’m glad everything’s okay with david’s arm. he and cesar were really nice guys, you would never have known they were “big shot” athletes or anything like that. sox are looking good this year…it’s great to live in the city of champions.


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