for the first time in a week, i see the sun. unlike boston, that’s a good thing…means it’s been snowing. i hate to do this to all the east coast riders, but…the east SUCKS….(for skiing) compared to this stuff. it just does. i know it hurts to hear, but it ain’t close.  i went out for a few runs this morning. knee deep powder. bluebird skies. nobody on the mountain. i had to turn my back on untracked powder to go back to work. but guess what? it’ll be there tomorrow. dang…

i took this video yesterday, midday. video always makes stuff look flat, but there was good pitch, totally untracked, light, deep. i couldn’t believe it…it was just sitting there. run after run.


if that was somewhere on the east coast, people would be on that like vultures….planet of the gapes. jerry w. would have his 7 kids sliding down, crying, losing equipment…god bless utah.


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