Why I Moved to Park City



it’s day 1 here in park city, utah. we got in last night, having taken a few days to drive out from boston to find it had been a pretty good day of skiing according to our property mgr. it was still snowing, i checked the weather report and we were expected to get another 8 inches or so that night. i woke up this morning to find out the storm system had stalled over the cottonwoods and when we opened the door, there was TWO FEET(!!) of utah’s finest waiting outside. i re-checked the weather and it’s looking like we’re expected to get another foot or two on thursday.

let me back up. last year, my wife and i were in colorado skiing. i hadn’t done a lot of skiing since we started downeast (the winter of 2013 i took 2 crappy runs at sunday river and that was it). we were sitting at a mid-mountain lodge at the end of a great day. the sun was shining and i mentioned to cambria that “this is what i’d always rather be doing.”

back up again. i grew up skiing. from before i can remember, my dad would pack us in the car saturday morning, maybe around 5 AM (4 if going to VT). i used to sleep in my ski stuff so my dad would just pick me up, still sleeping, dump me in the car, and i’d wake up 4 hours later at killington. i eventually got into racing, where i skied out of cannon NH (one of the best in the east if you don’t mind extremely cold temps), skipping school every friday to train for the races that weekend. next was a ski school where skiing was first, school second. i spent a year before college on the road racing…colorado, europe, south america. i eventually settled at bates college to finish my skiing “career”.

starting downeast cider was a time-consuming activity to say the least and i basically quit skiing…part because time, part cost, and part burn-out. i’d been skiing over a hundred days a year for a long time. training. tiny, cold boots. long hours on the road. long hours of tuning. long hours of video analysis. long hours in the wight rooms.

but i digress: “this is what i’d always rather be doing”. and cambria said, “why not?” that was all it took. both of us do work that can be done remotely. why not? that afternoon, still in colorado, we started looking at apartment rentals. it took us less than a week to put a deposit down on a place in park city utah. neither of us have been here before last night, but its reputation speaks loudly. the town of park city is known as one of the best, most lively ski towns in the world (playing host to sundance film festival every jan) and the snow in utah is some of the most bountiful, dry snow in the world.

so here we are, waiting for the sun to come up like a couple of kids on christmas, and santa’s brought 2 feet of the good stuff.

– ross

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  1. Jimbo says:

    Hey man! Congrats! Hope to see you around boston again sometime, but im glad you’re following your bliss. Thanks for all the cider!


  2. Matthew says:

    Ross…welcome to Utah!

    I’m a huge cider fan, so I was pleasantly surprised when I stumbled upon Downeast Cider this past May during a trip to Boston. Two words. Love. It. (I may, or may not, have shipped a case back to myself…there might even be one in the fridge still)

    Anyway, if you’re ever interested in learning your way around Solitude with a local, hit me up.


  3. Erin Fox says:

    Bring your amazing cider to UT!! We loved it on a recent visit to the Rutgers campus.

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