"...and that's why you don't drink unlabeled containers"

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short story. a couple weeks ago i overheard a conversation going on between some folks in the office.

"...yeah, the devil's share from the rum barrels. strong."

for context, when we buy barrels for aging cider, there's often a little liquid leftover, sometimes referred to as the devil's share, it's super charred and delicious.

unfortunately, there was no remaining devil's share from the rum barrels...but i did know of a substance that had been sitting around the office. earlier this year we were on a sales trip to philly. the date, april 20. we were in a bar celebrating the 6th anniversary of downeast cider and the proprietor was kind enough to gift us a bottle of VERY potent thc tincture. for those not in the know....google is a great resource.

anyway, it turns out this stuff was too potent for anyone to enjoy. so we stashed it in the office. during a routine office clean-up, the bottle resurfaced. for reference, the serving size is about a thimble's-worth.

so as i'm overhearing this conversation, i immediately knew what was going on.

me: uhhh....you didn't drink out of the clear plastic nestle bottle, did you?
him: yeah, that was it.
me: how much did you drink?
him: what was in there?!?
me: how much did you drink?
him: a sip.
me: how do you feel?
him: okay...what was in there?!?
me: that was a very, very powerfully concentrated thc tincture...you have an hour or two before you're going to be uncomfortably high
him: are you serious?

it took awhile, but we eventually convinced him we were not kidding. he went home immediately. watched some movies. champ.

anyways...lesson learned...never drink out of an unlabeled container.


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