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you’re probably going to start noticing different cans in our boxes. i’m talking about the literal cans, not the design or the contents. the can manufacturers are wildly out of sorts and when it comes to serving their customers a big bowl of ‘OOPS!’, we, the tiny guys (versus say, pepsi), are first in line.

as we - and probably every other small beverage company - try to find vessels to serve you, things might get a bit dicey. while there are plenty of can manufacturers, as well as other methods for can design (sleeves on blank cans…stickers…etc), the backup is effecting pretty much every level…you aren’t gonna beat Cape traffic by taking that secret little side road…everyone else is doing the same thing.

so what is this going to mean? probably some weird looking cans (different finishes such as glossy, matte, stickers, sleeves, etc) and maybe some out of stock or short seasons (summer blend was cut way short because we couldn’t get cans).

it’ll cost us a buncha money, time, and sanity, but we’ll keep pumping out cider as fast as we can. it’s kinda shitty, but all-in-all, there’s plenty of worse stuff going on in the world. we’ll be fine, you’ll get your cider, and the world keeps on spinnin’ least that's when we're telling ourselves.


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  • The photo on this post should have been of the scene in Speed when Sandra Bullock cannot avoid hitting a baby stroller being pushed by a woman we assume to be a mother. The bus nails the carriage, Sandra freaks out and Keanu Reeves looks back to see the stroller was only full of empty cans. “Cans! It’s just cans!” he assures her.

    Hugh Bridgers on
  • Downeast,
    I am writting in regards to you changing cans of you’re cider. The only reason I notice a change is because every sip I now take tastes like I’m drinking pure metal…I normally don’t take the time type to message a company or leave a review but I feel like I have to message you because I have always been a fan of Downeast cider but after your new change I feel like I’m going to have to find another cider to drink because this change significantly impacts your product. I can’t be the only one experiencing the taste of metal. PLEASE SWITCH THE CANS BACK!!!

    Sincerely a very disappointed customer.

    Kelly Cotnoir

    Kelly Cotnoir on
  • As long as what is inside is still awesome Downeast Cider, I will deal with a little variety on the outside. And everyone should go to the cider house and buy growlers. That solves everything

    Liane Sherman on

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