does naming a cider after urine cross a line?

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i'm alone on this. not a single person at downeast supports me, so here's my last plea.

...earlier this summer we launched a new line of ciders that we've dubbed "one time". through these ciders, we explore stories from our past through the use of flavors, and flavors through stories from our past. aloha friday was a pineapple cider inspired from the time tyler and i transferred to the university of hawaii for a semester of college. survivor bob is inspired by ben's uncle bob, a winner of the show survivor, and his island off the coast of portland, maine.

so i present to you: elevator "lemonade", a sour lemon cider. back in our freshman year of college we lived in a 4 story dorm that had an elevator. nobody in the dorm physically required the elevator, so every weekend, as was tradition, the elevator would be the depository of copious amounts of urine. anyone leaving the dorm would hit the button and pee into the elevator.

sooooo......elevator "lemonade"?

- ross


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  • Plus a handy Beyoncé ref. ❤️

    Erin O'Neill on
  • Sure – it’s part of the story, and veiled in the name. No big deal. …and Aloha Friday should come back every summer as a seasonal. It’s great.

    Nathan Kelly on
  • I think it’s okay as long as you use the actual words urine or Lee and guarantee that someone has peed in it.

    Jebediah on
  • I like Elevator Lemonade or Golden Elevat-er, as long as you can incorporate some dad-pun level tagline, like “urine for a lift ;)”

    Jamie Nanni on
  • only if you make an accompanying video encouraging drinkers to give their friends golden showers, which could either be spraying them with a shaken can or sexual peeing up to you bud good luck have fun hail satan

    Ross' Urinary Tract on

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