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interested in doing design work for downeast? that's great. we're interested in your work. we've decided to run a design contest. if you win, your design will be built and displayed at our taproom. you can't put a price on that. but we did. if you win, we'll give you $1,000 and a whole bunch of cider. you'll also have the opportunity to work as a contract designer at downeast. 


project title: indoor sign design contest


we have roughly 1200 visitors in the taproom every weekend. we’re lucky that many of those people think enough of our space to take photos inside. the most popular photograph we get? some variation of this:


it’s time for an upgrade.  the goal is a remarkable aesthetic component inside our facility that gives people super easy access to a photo that says, “we did some cool shit today.”


follow our brand aesthetic. take a look at our cans, our packaging, our social media for guidance.

instagram is the target. it must frame well in a photo. think of the swings at lawn on d, or the wings in nashville.

how to send in your submission:

-designs must be submitted no later than june 7th

-submissions can be a photo of a sketch, a photoshop, or pdf. your call.

-to be clear, any design that is not selected is the property of the artist. 

-email submissions to and bcc

we look forward to seeing your design.

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  • Hey, I absolutely love you guys – you are my #1 cider of choice. That’s why, as a branding and UX designer, this post absolutely kills me. Design contests are a terrible idea for all parties involved.

    You’re giving your clients the impression that design doesn’t have much worth to you, that you’re not willing to undertake the proper research required to deliver the best messaging and brand experience for your customers.

    You’re leaving the details and deliverables “wide open” which doesn’t say anything about your company or customer needs in order to produce the best work. You’re asking for free/cheap labor.

    A design isn’t just a random symbol or illustration that is just pretty, it’s supposed to represent who you stand for, the thing that will identify you. A contest doesn’t grant designers the necessary time or compensation to undertake this task. I beg you to reconsider this approach.

    Niki Blaker on
  • I’m interested in your contest, but I’m not exactly clear on what you are looking for. Would it be possible to let me know what you are looking for to be designed? I’m a huge fan of your cider and would love an opportunity to contribute.

    Greg on

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