fuckboi brands

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if there’s a word of the month here at downeast, it’s gotta be fuckboi.

what is a fuckboi, you may ask? why is fuckboi being hurled around with no regard for human life? well, it all started about a month ago in philly. we were tailgating a phillies game with our wholesale partners when joe timm decided to absolutely blast me with the fuckboi bombs. one second i’m enjoying a pleasant conversation with some esteemed colleagues, and BOOM! joe’s raining fuckbois on me like there’s no tomorrow.
webster’s dictionary defines fuckboi as a weak ass pussy that ain’t ’bout shit….pretty harsh, right?

the other morning we were having a discussion about ‘brand’ when we stumbled upon the realization that the term was as relevant for brands as it is for people…weak ass brands that ain’t ’bout shit.

blue moon…fuckboi beer
nickelback….fuckboi band
ruby tuesday….fuckboi chain


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