man.....i guess we suck

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here's a nice surface skim of some of the things written about us on glassdoor from former employees and interviewees:
  • large-scale decisions regarding marketing and sales are made at the whim of the owner, who has no background in either.
  • there is no business plan
  • The founders went to school for philosophy and have no real-world experience and it is SHOWING!
  • Take a management class or 40! You ALL NEED THEM!!!!
  • This company will not make it to 10 years unless you actually learn how to run a business.
  • ownership group is prone to a sometimes comical lack of understanding of the real-life concerns
  • there is nobody there with formal experience.
  • a dearth of planning which causes everything to be an emergency
  • there is no cohesive direction or strategy
  • i hesitate to use the word “management” because no one is managing anything
  • I found [Ross] to be very rude and unreasonable - I would expect an unpleasant work environment if you were to work with him. This has nothing to do with not getting a job.

it's okay some point - and with a little practice - you get used to it.

- ross


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  • Love love love Downeast Cider. Great employees and amazing products! Everyone is always fantastic whenever we stop in.

    JAL on
  • Dearth? Seriously? Too funny. Well, I love your cider, so even if your company is having the “hiccups,” you’re all right by me. :-)

    Karen Ingraham on
  • You majored in philosophy?! THATS WHY I LOVE DOWNEAST CIDER SO HARD! Seriously though, the products, packaging, social media, website- all super fucking amazing. We will never stop carrying Downeast at the bar I work at, Tavern 23! It’s the single product I drink the most of, and I like everything except Sambuca (ewwww)!

    Erin O'Neill on
  • Who even uses the word “dearth”?

    Carly on
  • Who even uses the word “dearth”?

    Carly on

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