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only these comcast clowns can piss you off while giving you money.

i just had to call comcast because there was an outage. the tech guy reading the script was terribly awkward walking me through the troubleshooting so i told him he could go off-script because i’d rather he spoke more easily…that threw him off further, as instead of dropping the script (“i know this is a terrible inconvenience for you and we will ensure to fix the issue immediately”) he would alter the words (“i know this is a terrible…uhh…trouble for you and we will ensure to fix the…uhh…problem uhhh…soon”), which was tough.

anyway, he told me that if this issue was outside, it was free, if the issue was our equipment, i had to pay. well, about a month ago we had the same issue. the issue was outside, we paid. fudge. now i had to be on the phone longer to get the charge reversed by the billing department.

on with the billing person, she said it was a mistake and she’d reverse the charge. while she was reversing the charge, she tried to sell me two different services (insurance and tv/phone). i was kinda pissed. no apology, only more sales. i told her this irked me. this is where we hit the most offensive thing of all. she immediately offered me an additional $20 credit that is reserved for when they have an issue, fix it, and the issue persists. an “inconvenience” credit she called it. but apparently it’s only given if you complain? if i didn’t complain i wouldn’t have gotten it. that’s bullshit. and so dumb. they’re treating their customers like a pack of stupid beasts….and maybe we are for continuing to tuck tail and bow to master.

fuck you, comcast…sir.


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