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as we pack up on our last day in park city, i think it’s appropriate to reflect on my time here:

1. i’ve yet to find much in life that beats a powder day.
•   i don’t know what it is, i wish i could explain it to those that don’t ski, or don’t ski well. i guess it’s kind of like flying? but so is skiing a groomed trail…but it just ain’t the same. you’re gonna have to take my word, nothing beats a powder day.

2. not all powder days are made equal, but they all kick ass
•  sure, 30 inches of “right side up*” blower on a bluebird day is pretty sweet, but it’s also no secret to everyone with wood planks within 2 hours of the mountains. how about the day that was supposed to be rain, but it was actually snowing up top and the mountain is empty? or the “afternoon snow showers” that ended up dropping a foot and it’s “free refills” every run better than the last? or the dense snow and wind that created a smooth-as-butter creamy surface that you can just smear around on? all good options.

3. i only wore 1 pair of pants, never washed (excluding ski gear)
•  i’m not 100% sure why, and what i was trying to prove, but i did it and you can’t take it away from me.

4. i didn’t cut a head hair or trim beard hair
•  i went from this guy
Ross Before
•  to this guy
ross after

5.  i miss boston food
•  park city’s a cool town, but a spectacular meal for 2 costs like $200…boston’s not cheap, but there’s so much competition, you can blow your mind for under a hundred bucks, and often way less. the second we get back, i’m going to buy an anna’s burrito, blend it into liquid, and mainline that thing like i’m jared leto in requiem for a dream.

6. do that thing you’ve always wanted to do
•  i bet you can come up with some pretty good excuses not to do it, but you’ll end up too old or too dead before you do.


*if the temperature drops throughout a storm, the snow’s density is heaviest at the bottom, which creates a nice pad to any crust underneath, and lightest at the top, making it easier to control your skis. the reverse creates an awkward skiing surface

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