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we have about 600 ratings on facebook, rating us from 1 to 5 stars. of those 600, we have only a single 1 star review and a single 2 star review. the 1 star review is from the head cidermaker at a competing cider brand. this serves as a good reminder of how petty we look when we publicly badmouth our competition. as someone who's been known to toe that line - more-so in the past - it's a good reminder of how lame it looks.  
the other bad review is from a kid who went to bates college with me. when i was a freshman, i was at a party at this guy's house. he was one of those classic "dumb freshman fill my cup! dumb freshman clean the tables!" kinda guys.
i wasn't a fan. when we left, i climbed on the hood of his car and peed in the windshield well. and in case he wasn't aware, i went back in and let him know......2 stars though!!

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