the death of cranberry blend

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if this is news to you and you’re upset about it, take a number* because the hate train’s a pretty long one.

*do supermarket deli counters still do the whole ticket thing? i feel like i haven’t seen that in a while.

i’m pretty comfortable with people being upset with us. while not universal, there seems to be a see-saw effect when you make/do something. if there are some people that love it, there will assuredly be a group that hates it with equal passion. that’s where we like to live (“cloudy cider?…why. i. NEVER!”). meanwhile, the money-spot for mass marketed stuff can be a perfectly balanced “meh”…food, bev, song, movie, whatever…i doubt many people have “big bang theory” tattoos, that show is about as innocuous as it comes…goes down easy. not a ton of complaints. money-maker.

i’m rambling. why are we getting rid of cranberry? three reasons:

  1. sales performance: cue the boo-birds saying this is some sort of ultra-capitalist, money-grubbing, sell-out move. yeah. i guess. but fuck outta here with that complaining! of course it is! we’re entirely self-funded…(me/tyler/matt have not sold one iota of equity). we improve with each dollar...better equipment. better people. better taproom. better ingredient sourcing....we used to control our fermentation temperature with a space heater and a garden hose. you still want that?!?

our badass centrifuge that gives us a more consistent, better-tasting, more shelf-stable unfiltered cider? motherfuckin' cash flow!

our in-house lab to make sure off-flavors and inconsistent batches don’t get out the door? motherfuckin' cash flow!

our distribution team that makes sure fresh cider gets on the shelf on the maine/canada border along with here at home? motherfuckin' cash flow!

cranberry blend has been our slowest-moving retail product since day 1. does that mean it’s bad or that people don't prefer it to our other ciders? of course not. it’s great cider, but we can do better. you guys vote with your wallet and we’re listening. even if we had 10 AMAZING products, one of those would have to be the overall “worst” despite it being amazing and despite it being some people’s favorite. there are plenty of people for whom cran is the bees knees. we know. but unfortunately for you, you’re in the minority. our focus is to make the best stuff we can make. constantly improve. so no matter how good you think our “worst” is, it’s still the worst. and if you’re thinking, “just make cranberry along with whatever new bullshit you think is better”, it’s unfortunately not that easy. the more we try to do, the less focus we’re giving each product. it’s easier to make 1 great thing than 2 great things than 3 great things, etc. we try to keep the portfolio relatively small so we can give more attention to each product.

that was super long-winded. i’m tired of writing, you’re tired of reading, so i’m just gonna leave it as that one reason. i know you’re mad. i know some of you might be so angry that you bail on us. but for those that stick it out - and i can’t make any promises - we’ll be better for it, and you’ll be happy we made the decisions we’ve made. you gotta break a few eggs to make an omelette.


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  • We all probably would have bought more if you didn’t have to hunt high and low to find it. I bought in bulk whenever it was actually available. 😞

    Katie on
  • Janny does kind of blow, huh? I hadn’t drank cider in years until I tried your cranberry at a tasting at my local store. Loved it. Was sad to see it go. There’s another tasting coming up in 2 weeks so hopefully I’ll find another flavor I love.

    Gary on
  • Janny can eat a dick.

    Tyler on
  • This is an announcement? I see a rant, unfinished at that. So much for answers anyone sought…
    Sorry to burst your bubble, but you’re also not the only cool ones doing unfiltered cider anymore. ‘They’ also happen to be better people, as they don’t use their beverage company as a pander to be dicks to people.

    Janny on
  • I’m not sad. I’m not a cranberry fan. Pumpkin and winter blend are my favorites followed by the original. So I will continue to happily buy those.

    Marissa on

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