to fuckboi...or not to fuckboi?

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if you've ever visited our office, it's possible you've seen the writing on the wall. literal writing on the wall. it says "don't be a fuckboi brand".

it's hazy how the fuckboi thing got started. i'm pretty sure it was joe timm, about a year in, still a new guy, but a couple quick promotions had him puffing his chest a little? doing a little peacocking? i forget where it first happened, perhaps in the parking lot of citizens bank park, tailgating before a phillies game. he started calling me a fuckboi...introducing me to our new wholesaler partners in philly as, "this is ross, he started downeast and he's also a massive fuckboi." made sense in the moment, i suppose.

now at this point you may be asking yourself. 'fuckboi? i'm not familiar'. webster's defines fuckboi as "a weak ass pussy that ain't 'bout shit"....(their words not mine, mom).

after obliterating usage of fuckboi for the next year, it finally ended up on our wall, nobody willing to erase it. probably because nobody could possibly disagree. who wants to be a part of growing a fuckboi brand? just a spineless, positionless, and-also brand...

anyway, at some point we set our code sprayer to print "not a fuckboi" on the bottom of some cans. at about 10 am yesterday, i got a text from someone on the team saying that a few accounts were upset about our use of such vulgar language.

maybe it's my advancing years, but rather than fighting this, i let it go and had the guys cut the message out of our repertoire. ya know what, it's not so amazingly clever or critical to what we're doing and while coarse language is a part of our lives here at downeast, i can understand that other establishments that we partner with may have a different set of standards. fine.

about an hour later i got a notification on my phone from facebook:

really makes you think.


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  • I found “where’s lil Jon” in the bottom of my down east pumpkin can, and I was thinking the same thing !!!

    Samantha on
  • Found “not a fuckboi” on the bottom of the can, my girlfriend and myself laughed uncontrollably for a good 3min straight. Not exactly sure why we found it so funny, but made our night. Thnx. Oh yeah, amazing cider.

    Mike on

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