Attention: We Want You to Pick Our Next Cider

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a month ago, we announced the death of our cranberry blend. as the person at downeast responsible for managing our social media accounts, i can tell you first hand that the reaction to that announcement was much like the ending of there will be blood. it was intense and emotional and a little bit unexpected. a lot of you seemed to be upset that you weren’t a part of the decision making process-which isn’t really how a business is run-but we do understand people’s frustration.

it really got us thinking. you want to get involved? now’s your chance. you pick our next cider. for real.

you want mango-jalapeno? let us know!

you want something with honey ? leave a comment!

you want a reuben sandwich inspired cider? no! but hey, throw it out there.

oh...because I know at least fifty of you are thinking, “i’m going to suggest they make cranberry!”... it’s not coming back. not now. i award you no points, and may god have mercy on your soul. (this is also how I’m going to know how many people read the headline and how many of people read the blog.)

other than that? anything goes. get creative. we’re going to have you be a part of the process every step of the way. we’ll whittle down the comments to a few potential winners and get the mad scientists in the lab to bring your cider dreams to life. we’ll have taste testings for you. you’ll help us design the can. start to finish-it’s going to be the people’s cider.

so send your comments, tweets, and suggestions to us now. the floor is yours-what do you got?



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  • Something inspired by a mojito, think lime/mint/citrus!

    Christine Tierney on
  • A cider made from multi-use or cider-specific apples including bittersweet, bittersharp, heirloom varieties and sometimes wild or crab

    Ross on
  • -Something with passionfruit and/or guava
    -Something with a floral aspect, like jasmine or hibiscus

    Cristina on
  • Sangria, Strawberry Basil, Black Cherry or Strawberry Passionfruit

    Amanda on
  • Love the idea of innovation:

    1. Blueberry Basil
    2. Maple Bourbon
    3. Smoked Pineapple
    4. Sour Variety! Blackberry sour, Sour Cherry Flemish Sour, Sour peach
    5. Lemon Rosemary
    6. Cucumber Mint or Cucumber Basil
    7. Chili Coconut
    8. Strawberry Jam

    Evan Ginja on

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