Bands For Hire!

By now you've likely heard, but we have this sweet outdoor pop-up cider garden. It's open from late May - late October, and we're looking for live performers (the musical kind...not magicians or thespians). We are planning to have live music a couple times per week. This could be - nay, WILL BE your big break. Trust us.

The skinny:

  • Each night of live music will last 90 minutes - 2 hours. This time can be filled by multiple acts or one act. We don't care. And if you have qualified music friends that you want to share the bill with, that's cool too.
  • Sets are to be acoustic or stripped down (read: no full drums kits!). The cider garden sits on a giant concrete slab, surrounded by high rise buildings that have a tendency to bend and shape sound. Keeping it stripped down will improve the overall listening experience. Sorry Neil Peart, you've been relieved of duty for the night. Same goes for you, Hendrix.
  • We will provide a PA, mixer, a few mics/cables, a tent for you to play under, and a power source. You will provide your instruments. If you need a sound engineer/mixer, in most cases you will have to provide that as well. 
  • During weeknights, sets will most often be in the 6-8pm time frame, and on weekends will be in the 4pm-6pm time frame. There is some flexibility on this.
  • Content must be appropriate for all ages. It's not easy to make us blush, but keep in mind this is an open-air bar, with no minimum age restrictions. Keep it above the belt.
  • Covers and original material welcomed, but artists will be vetted for quality or sound and set list. For the most part, we aren't looking for the typical Friday night cover band rocking Journey and LIT. But if you did a Journey and LIT acoustic mashup it just may blow our minds.

Interested in playing? send and email to with subject line DEWEY MUSIC. If you don't use that subject line, your materials won't be seen. Also note, due to high demand not all submissions will be replied to. Don't take it personally.