What's so great about unfiltered?

five fresh apples go into every can of downeast. filtering them out would mean filtering out flavor. nope. we leave the good stuff in there.

core-available all year

Original Blend

5.1% ABV 4.6 BRIX

the one that started it all. the original unfiltered craft cider. 

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Double Blend

7.3% ABV 3.75 BRIX

. smae unfiltered taste. w hiher alcolhol over 7%

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5.5% ABV 3.7 BRIX

orange and lemon peel with cracked coriander. 

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5.3% ABV 3.15 BRIX

unfiltered cider infused with fresh grapefruit. available february to april.

Aloha Friday

5.1% ABV 2.89 BRIX

unfiltered cider infused with fresh pineapple. available april to august.

available in growlers at the cider house.

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Pumpkin Blend

5.1% ABV 4.2 BRIX

unfiltered cider with a blend of pumpkin and chai spices. available august to october.

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Winter Blend

6.5% ABV 3.95 BRIX

unfiltered cider with toasted oak, cinnamon, and nutmeg. available october to february.

cider house only

Rum Pumpkin

6.7% ABV 3.8 BRIX

starts with a blast of boozy, fruity, rum-y flavors. the smooth chai swoops in just in time to to keep this creamy and delicious. boozy but still very drinkable.

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5.1% ABV 4 BRIX

Juicy blackberry from start to finish. Sweet and jammy with just enough acidity to keep it bright and drinkable.

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6.6% ABV 3.15 BRIX

Big tangerine citrus flavors up front with the familiarly dry mimosa finish. Perfect for a celebrating a recent accomplishment, or just for celebrating the nice weather.

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Double White

7.3% ABV 3.5 BRIX

White with a bite. All the familiar white spices with a floral pink peppercorn backbone and just a hint of spice. Similar to white, but with a boozy kick and bolder flavors.

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native-limited release

Native Blueberry

6.5% ABV 4.6 BRIX

Smooth drinkable blueberry from the moment it hits your tongue. Jammy without getting overly sweet. Finishes with just the right tartness.

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Native Peach

6.5% ABV 4.6 BRIX

Deliciously tart peach that begins subtly and grows with each sip. Nice and sweet with enough acidity to keep it refreshing.

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