What's so great about unfiltered?

five fresh apples go into every can of downeast. filtering them out would mean filtering out flavor. nope. we leave the good stuff in there.

core-available all year

Original Blend

5.1% ABV 4.6 BRIX

the one that started it all. the original unfiltered craft cider. 

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Double Blend

7.3% ABV 3.75 BRIX

. smae unfiltered taste. w hiher alcolhol over 7%

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5.5% ABV 3.7 BRIX

orange and lemon peel with cracked coriander. 

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5.3% ABV 3.15 BRIX

unfiltered cider infused with fresh grapefruit. available february to april.

Aloha Friday

5.1% ABV 2.89 BRIX

unfiltered cider infused with fresh pineapple. available april to august.

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Pumpkin Blend

5.1% ABV 4.2 BRIX

unfiltered cider with a blend of pumpkin and chai spices. available august to october.

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Winter Blend

6.5% ABV 3.95 BRIX

unfiltered cider with toasted oak, cinnamon, and nutmeg. available october to february.

cider house only


6.9% ABV 3.9 BRIX

jamaican rum notes combine with mint and lime to create this updated cider spin on a classic cocktail. it's balance and refreshing finish make it a great way to wrap up the dog days of summer. 

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aloha saturday

7.8% ABV 1.95 BRIX

a bigger and bolder aloha friday. tart pineapple and jamaican rum come together like an apple rum punch. if you like aloha friday and like rum, you’ll love this.

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gin botanical

6.5% ABV 2.75 BRIX

spicy earthiness from juniper, spruce and sweet woodruff, and a sweet citrusy flavor from orange peels and a splash of lime.

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oaked perry

5.9% ABV 3.5 BRIX

layered with flavors of pear, oak, and just a touch of funk. 

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