What's so great about unfiltered?

five fresh apples go into every can of downeast. filtering them out would mean filtering out flavor. nope. we leave the good stuff in there.

CORE - Available All Year (gluten free)

Original Blend

5.1% ABV

the one that started it all. the original unfiltered craft cider. we leave the good stuff in there. it's the reason our cider actually tastes like...well, cider.

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Double Blend

7.3% ABV

we spenta lot of time in the lab  pushinf the enveliope on original blend and came up with double. smae unfiltered taste. w hiher alcolhol over 7%



5.5% ABV

orange and lemon peel with cracked coriander. unfiltered in the [almost] classic belgian style.

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Seasonal (Gluten free)


5.3% ABV

an unfiltered mix of grapefruit and apples. something cool and refreshing to remind you spring is on the way. 

Aloha Friday

5.1% ABV

with the perfect balance of tropical juiciness and tartness, this pineapple infused cider will have you feeling like you’re cruising down the coastline and heading for the beach.

Pumpkin Blend

5.1% ABV

a mix of pumpkin, apples, and chai spices. if fall were a drink, it'd be this.

Winter Blend

6.5% ABV

a reward for all that shoveling. we keep it interesting with toasted oak chips, cinnamon bark, nutmeg, and a little extra kick to help you forget you have to go back out there.

Tap Room Series (gluten free)

down easy

3.8% ABV I 99 CAL

aloha saturday

7.8% ABV


6.5% ABV