What's so great about unfiltered?

five fresh apples go into every can of downeast. filtering them out would mean filtering out flavor. nope. we leave the good stuff in there.

core-available all year

Original Blend

5.1% ABV 4.6 BRIX

the one that started it all. the original unfiltered craft cider. 

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Double Blend

6.9% ABV 3.75 BRIX

. smae unfiltered taste. w hiher alcolhol over 7%

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5.5% ABV 3.7 BRIX

orange and lemon peel with cracked coriander. 

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5.3% ABV 3.15 BRIX

unfiltered cider infused with fresh grapefruit. available february to april.

Aloha Friday

5.1% ABV 2.89 BRIX

unfiltered cider infused with fresh pineapple. available april to august.

available in growlers at the cider house.

Pumpkin Blend

5.1% ABV 4.2 BRIX

unfiltered cider with a blend of pumpkin and chai spices. available august to october.

Winter Blend

6.5% ABV 3.95 BRIX

unfiltered cider with toasted oak, cinnamon, and nutmeg. available october to february.

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cider house only


5.3% ABV 4.0 BRIX

Fresh raspberry flavor with just just a touch of sweet cider. Not too sweet, not too tart, just extremely drinkable.

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Oak Double

7.3% ABV 3.5BRIX

The same recipe as our normal double blend aged on American oak. The oak lends a sweet spice and vanilla flavor and nose, and a big full mouthfeel.

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Dark and Stormy

6.2% ABV 4.6 BRIX

Just like the cocktail. Sweet and spicy ginger flavor off the bat, with a finish of all lime and rum. Big and complex, while staying extremely drinkable.

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5.10% ABV 4.8 BRIX

Huge splash of juicy strawberry flavor. Sweet and jammy from start to finish.

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5.30% ABV 4.4 BRIX

Bright pear flavor beginning to end. Almost like an Original Blend made from pears.

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native-limited release

Native Cranberry

6.5% ABV 4.6 BRIX

Begins with a blast of tart cranberry. Before the acidity becomes too much, the sweet apple smooths everything over. Nearly all cran with just a splash of apple to keep it drinkable.

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